A day in Skiathos town

Skiathos town - 610

Parts of Skiathos town seen from Bourtzi, the peninsual between the Old and New Harbours


Yes, the days spent on the beaches of Skiathos are great, swimming in clean water, enjoying the beach, getting a sun tan, reading under the umbrella, sleeping, and enjoying the food at the beach tavernas.  But, as a change, why not spend a day in Skiathos town!  There is plenty to do there....


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The New Harbour in Skiathos 


It is easy to get from Sklithri into town.  The easiest way is of course to drive by car. But you can also take the bus down at the coast road, walking distance to bus stops.  Or you can take the boat ferry from Tzaneria Bay.  The boat goes to the Old Harbour in Skiathos town and this pleasant boat trip takes about 20 minutes. If you drive, you can park at Akropolis, or at the square close to Skiathos Medical Centre (the small government hospital), or at the public parking area a couple of blocks inside the sailing harbour.  Do not park where there are yellow lines in any form - you may get a parking fine there.


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 Fishing boats in the Old Harbour


Skiathos town is located in the harbour, 5 kilometers from Sklithri.  If you get into town early, you can buy fresh fish straight from the fishingboats that arrive from sea early in the morning.  There are lots of cafes and small eating places lined up both in the New and Old Harbours.


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 Cafes and restaurants in the harbour


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Window view in Skiathos town 

The main street of Skiathos, a pedestrian street called Papadiamantis, goes straight through the town, starting in the harbour is full of possibilities for shopping and eating. In the many small and narrow side streets, you find more shops and small eating places.  To stroll through the small streets of the old town is an experience in itself.  Between Skiathos town and the airport, 1 kilometer away, you find a street right on the waterfront called The Strip.  There are many restaurants here.  This is also where you find the night clubs if you do not want to go the bed early!


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The main street, a pedestrian street called Papadiamantis, starts in the harbour 


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Nikos Taverna on Papadiamantis


The harbour is really two harbours, the New Harbour and the Old Harbour, separated by the medieval fortress of Bourtsi. In the end of the New Harbour, where most sailing boats are anchored, you find the bus station in town from where buses go along the coast road, passing Sklithri where Villa Milenka and Villa Sisu are located, going further all the way to Koukounaries Beach, a total length of around 20 kilometers.  In the New Harbour, you also find the taxi station where most of the time a long line of taxis are waiting.  Here, you can also rent a boat with a captain for day trips or join one of the diving boats that take guests out scuba diving. There are also a number of car rental companies in the New Harbour.  In the other end of this harbour, where Papadiamantis starts, the ferry traffic from the mainland arrives.  In the Old Harbour, you can book day trips on boats - around Skiathos island or to the surrounging islands.  This is also where the boat ferry from Sklithri arrives.


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 You find many small shops in the side streets of Papadiamantis


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 At The Steps in the rear end of the Old Harbour, you find many bars and restaurants


Papadiamantis, the pedestrian street, is the center of life on Skiathos. Here you find shops, restaurants, cafes, banks, the post office and also an outdoor cinema where the movia Mamma Mia is shown a few times a week.  Mamma Mia was filmed on Skiathos and neighbouring island Skopelos.  On a side street you also find the small Papadiamantis museum.  Papadiamantis was a famous Greek author who came from Skiathos.  Both the main street and the airport were named after him.


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