The surroundings - green forests and a great view!

The villas are located on a southern slope in a very quiet and private area, up high enough so that you will not be disturbed by the sounds from the coast road below, yet with only a short walk down to the beach, the nearest taverna and bus stops.  The name of the area is Sklithri.

There are only a few houses in the area.  The villas have a great view of the bay, the Kalamaki peninsula and the sea and are surrounded by green pine forests and olive groves.


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 A pleasant walk down to the beach


The five minute walk down to Sklithri Beach will give your nostrils a smelling pleasure from nature, including the smell of pine forests.  On your way down, you pass fig trees, olive trees, pine trees, a few villas and eucalyptus trees.  Down in the valley, you may often spot goats.

Sklithri Beach is a pleasant small beach where you can swim if you do not want to move further away from the area.  In the bay, there are many small pleasure boats anchored.


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 The beach and Sklithri Taverna


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Boats anchored in the bay


In the charming little beach taverna, Emilio and his people are serving Greek food and fresh fish, together with a beer or Greek wines.  Sometimes when you are sitting there, a small fishing boat may come to the taverna, delivering fish that has just been caught. The atmosphere, with small waves hitting the shore, is enchanting.  Lunches here often turn out to be very long. You just don't want to leave.


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 Lunch at Sklithri Taverna


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Fresh fish, anyone?


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Enjoy your meal!


If you continue five hundred meters further past the taverna, you come to a bus stop where you can take the bus into town, or if you go in the other direction, to many of the fine beaches along the south coast of Skiathos.  The last bus stop is at the famous Koukounaries Beach.


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Tzaneria Beach, with swimming, tavernas, water sports, dive center and boat rental


From the bus stop, there is a short walk to Tzaneria Beach, sometimes called Nostos Beach.  Here you can swim, eat in the beach taverna or at Johnny's Taverna just around the corner, join a diving boat for scuba diving or rent a boat if you want to get out on your own.  From this beach, there is also a small ferry boat with regular tours into the Old Harbour of Skiathos, a pleasant 20 minutes ride on the water.


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Passengers waiting for the small ferry boat taking them into town


If you walk down on the car road leading to the villas and then follow the main road 500 meter to the left, you come to an area with a few restaurants, among them Porta Rossa and a fast food outlet, a bakery, a supermarket and an ATM bank machine.  At Porta Rossa, Andrea and Bleta will serve you very tasty Mediterranean food in a delightful athmosphere.  At the much simpler fast food outlet across the road, you can eat souvlakis and hamburgers, and, if you wish, you can get the food in take-away containers and have your meal at home.


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 Dinner in Porta Rossa's enchanting atmosphere


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